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    Rent of apartments in St.-Petersburg without intermediaries and without the commission

    We not agency, all the apartments which are handed over in rent, are our property and if we represent itself as intermediaries we do not take commission fee for rent of apartments.

    Rent by the day apartments in St.-Petersburg - service well-known for those who often comes this city. Despite of increase in the offer in the market of hotel services, rent of apartments by the day in Peter does not lose a urgency. All more often, the majority of visitors of our city prefers an apartment, instead of to stop in hotel. Really, rent by the day has set of invaluable advantages after comparison with the advanced, hotel.
    First, it is comfort. In difference from standard, state numbers, the apartment by the day in St.-Petersburg, as a rule, has a greater area and is equipped by all necessary convenience. The most popular variant - an one-room apartment, a bedroom and the kitchen completely equipped by necessary technics. Will agree, hotel or hotel - simply excessively to equip how the apartment for day in Petersburg is equipped! The Separate bathroom, phone, a refrigerator, a microwave, a loggia, frequently - a balcony - valuable advantages in favour of rent for short term of an apartment in Peter. You can always cook for yourselves house food, keep in freshness products, and - to feel, practically as at home!
    In - the second, in St.-Petersburg apartments of any class surrender by the day. Those times when the apartment for day could be removed only on acquaintance or at station, for a long time have passed. Now many solid firms or agencies, can offer hundreds variants for all tastes. It and wonderful apartments in Peter's historical center and modest, small apartments in sleeping areas of city. All is solved here by you.
    rent the apartments which are being the central area of city As a rule use the maximal demand, these apartments for day in St.-Petersburg are located in the buildings belonging old fund, many of these buildings have more, than centenary history. High ceilings, strong main walls, wide rooms with greater windows - here, that favourably distinguishes the apartments located in historical areas of Peter. The majority of apartments for day, from offered for rent, in appropriate way . By the day St.-Petersburg this convenience, comfort, silence, a house cosiness. Often apartments by the day are supplied by systems of the signal system and as huge advantage is free-of-charge access to phone.
    Entrances of apartments are almost always equipped by code locks and a door intercommunication system, at new buildings are present lift attendants. The majority of apartments handed over for short terms in Peter are located in immediate proximity from historical sights of St.-Petersburg. It will allow you to take pleasure completely in spirit of city and to get rid of long and tiresome trips by the underground.
    Freedom of movement - one more quality of rent of an apartment by the day in St.-Petersburg which does not need to be forgotten. You can return to the apartments during any time convenient for you, not being afraid of somebody to constrain or to prevent in something. You will not need to take the keys on a reception, or long to wait for the manager. Numbers in hotels are calculated only on the minimal number of berths, and the apartment by the day can become the house for any, limited only comprehensible limits, quantities the person. It is rather convenient for everyone who travels with family or the small company of friends. Rent of apartments for some days in St.-Petersburg is the best and worthy competition to dear hotels.

    Phones in Petersburg: 8-951-655-78-27 8-904-607-70-77

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